PW 60
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PW 60 - Polytechs
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PW60 is used as a bonding agent in the manufacturing of LLDPE or LDPE stretch films.

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CLEAN X - Polytechs

Purging compounds which have the role of efficiently cleaning the polymer and pigment residues linked to the use of your equipment.


CLEAN X Injection  |  CLEAN X Extrusion


Toll compounding
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Toll compounding - Polytechs
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The making of compacted additives, masterbatches or compounds based on predefined specifications.

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Our Activity Sectors

Polytechs specialises mainly in the production of masterbatches, compounds and compacted masterbatchs. We also develop and market a broad range of masterbatch masterbatches under our own brand. Polytechs serves leading polymer producers and processors in the cabling, plastic film, extrusion and injection sectors.

Current affairs

  • 06.06.2017

    POLYTECHS participates at the FIP Trade Fair 2017 in Lyon

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  • 10.05.2017

    Polytechs' investment & modernization

    In continuity with Polytechs investment program , we are happy to inform you that we have just finished a 1.3 million investment to upgrade one of our Buss 200 lines . This type of machine... Read more

Our videos

  • Presentation

    Polytechs is an independent company whose main activity is the toll compounding of compounds, masterbatches and compacted masterbatch blends for producers of polymers and converters. 
  • CLEAN-X extrusion

    Polytechs has developed a full range of purging agents CLEANX, whose purpose is to accelerate the extruder-cleaning process during range changes (colour or type of polymer), calledCLEAN LDPE, CLEAN HDPE and CLEAN PP.