Our values

Safety, Product Quality and Environmental Protection have been priority focuses of ours for many years.

These three focuses also represent conditions for the optimal operation of our company as well as, more generally, our responsibility to our community and to future generations.

Building on the commitment of our President, POLYTECHS is dedicated to developing and implementing a continuous improvement policy in relation to Health, Safety, Quality and respect for the Environment.

This policy is reflected in:

  • compliance with all legal, regulatory and other applicable requirements
  • exemplary practices including leadership in compliance with guidelines for health, safety and environment
  • prevention and reduction of risks affecting our employees, partners and neighbours
  • protection of the environment from the potential impacts of our processes and services
  • establishment and monitoring of a quality-based process approach

with a view to achieving and maintaining:

  • the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers, employees and suppliers
  • lower accident rates and improved working conditions
  • minimised environmental impact
  • assurance of a profitable and sustainable business.

To this end, the QHSE Integrated Management System is developed and implemented in conjunction with key actors at POLYTECHS to achieve and maintain our triple certification.