Development laboratory

Development laboratory

We are frequently involved in our customers' development programmes for feasibility studies or evaluation programmes.

Our laboratory, which consists of 5 employees, intervenes on three levels :

  • Development of formulations, masterbatches, and compounds created and produced by Polytechs
  • Assistance and support in the development of products, compounds, and processes for our customers
  • Technical assistance in the industrialisation phase

Our R&D machinery consists of pilot machines, small-model replicas of our machinery :

  • 1 BUSS PR46
  • Single-screw SAMAFOR  45 extruder
  • Small twin-screw MARIS extruder (excellent dispersion of products)
  • Small KAHL 14/175 compactor
  • Underwater cutting system (adaptable for the twin-screw MARIS and the BUSS PR46)
  • Etc