Company history


The Sterplas plant in Cany-Barville produces PVC resin for plastic sandals.


POLYTECHS takes over the Sterplas site and abandons the PVC market for specialized production targeting the petrochemicals industry. The company is founded by specialized chemicals distributor Safic Alcan to meet ‘atypical’ demand. POLYTECHS is transferred to respected UK petrochemicals engineer Mike Byrne and Joël Viet, Managing Director at Polytechs and former Safic Alcan employee.


The company earns ISO 9001 certification for its Quality System.


POLYTECHS begins its compaction activities.


The company earns ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management.


POLYTECHS and Polycompaction (Valenciennes industrial site) merge. The two companies relocate their operations to single site, in Cany-Barville in Normandy.


POLYTECHS remains independent when it is taken over by current CEO Patrick Coquelet, at that time Managing Director and right hand to Mike Byrne, and Plant Manager François Dugats.


The company earns OHSAS 18001 certification for its Occupational Health and Safety Management System and earns AEO status for “customs simplifications”.

Polytechs has obtained the status of AEO for « customs simplifications ».

2018 :

Second investment plan: New twin-screw line, increase in storage capacities, digital transition, new brands

2020 :

Reorganization of the KAHL workshop, installation of silos for raw materials, renovation of the waste area