Our quality procedure

Our quality procedure

 Polytechs' quality procedure, which was first implemented in the late 80s, received ISO 9000 certification in 1993 and helped us become the largest European compounder.

 Polytechs' Quality procedure is part of a sustainable development strategy. This sustainable development is an expression for which the clearest definition remains our capacity to meet our present needs without compromising those of future generations, based on three main pillars: social, environmental, and economic.

 The purpose of Polytechs' sustainable development procedure is to reduce its environmental and social impact while keeping its profitability requirements on track.

 There are numerous benefits to this approach, including the more or less long term economic benefits.

 There are three main steps in order to apply the sustainable development procedure :

  • Reducing the social and environmental impact of the product during its manufacture (modern machinery, reduction of water consumption and waste, staff training and favouring local employment)
  • Reducing the company's environmental impact during the operating phase (reducing the carbon impact by favouring local raw material and regional maintenance companies)
  • Reducing the product's social and environmental impact at the end of its life by favouring recycling.

Polytechs is a company that knows how to evolve with its customers and is constantly modernising in order to maintain optimum performance.



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