CLEAN HDPE for high-density polyethylene

CLEAN HDPE is a purging compound containing high level of additives (non abrasive minerals and organic additives) and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) as carrier*.

CLEAN HDPE is especially useful in extrusion of profiles as well as in injection moulding.

CLEAN HDPE significantly reduces the cleaning time of the screw of the extruder or the barrel of the injection moulding machine. CLEAN HDPE runs smoothly and can itself be easily removed from the extruder or moulding machine.

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For which applications?

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CLEAN HDPE is suitable to use in injection moulding of styrenic (co)polymers, PMMA, polyolefin or hard PVC or extrusion of hoses, pipes, cables or profiles based on polyolefin, PVC, styrenic (co)polymers, PMMA or rubberlike resins as well as colour or additives master batch based on polyolefin carrier

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