AID PE F5 is a masterbatch containing 5% fluorinated copolymer based in a LLDPE carrier. It is used in LLDPE film extrusion to reduce melt-fracture and sharkskin when extruding linear olefin polymers. AID PE F5 also gives the following properties : improved bubble stability, haze reduction, improved gloss and higher output levels.

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AID PE F5 works by modifying the interface between the polymer melt and the metal surfaces of the extruder barrel and die. The following is directions for start-up :

  1. The user must ensure all metal surfaces coming in contact with polymer are thoroughly cleaned so that they become coated with fluoropolymer.
  2. Start-off by adding 10% AID PE F5 and 90% base polymer to pre-condition the extruder with fluoropolymer.
  3. After 15 - 20 minutes adjust extruder to full operating output speed and reduce AID PE F5 to approx. 1 - 2%. Exact quantity depends on Machine, polymer type etc, however, polymer containing antiblock, pigments etc is more abrasive, so more Polylube masterbatch is needed.
  4. Without a prolonged production interruption it should be possible to start-up without preconditioning the extruder.
  5. If the extruder has been cleaned with an abrasive purging compound, start-up should be as above. AID PE F5 has a favourable effect on viscous molten polymers during extrusion and injection. It is also used in HDPE injection molding.

AID PE F5 is not recommended if temperatures > 240°C .